Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Girls, Girls, Girls...


 **I am trying something a little different.  Do not read this post unless you are able to see past the ugly and visualize how FABULOUS these are going to be in the end** :)

OK, so I think my style lately has been leaning more towards boys and the industrial look.  This is because I have boys and it is what I know and feel comfortable with.  I was lucky enough to encounter this ADORABLE set of TWO French twin beds.  I have been SO EXCITED, yet paralyzed in fear of painting them the wrong color.  I could see them painted so many different ways and I just can't decide.  

So, I thought I would let you decide...

$300 for the set of 2 twin beds! See your color options by clicking here.  I personally LOVE Antoinette pink or Paris Gray.

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