Thursday, November 19, 2015

Americana Decor MAXX GLOSS

My sister is in the middle up updating her sons room to a big boy-video game themed decor. I had promised her I would help her find and repurpose a set of night stands.  It ended up being a little harder than we thought to find a matching pair with clean and modern lines.  But we finally found this perfect set!  

About the same time we found the night stands, I received a fun little package in the mail from Deco Art.  I was thrilled they wanted me to give their new Americana Decor Maxx Gloss paint a try, but was also a little nervous since I do not typically work with gloss paints.  Let me stop here and say that THIS IS NOT YOUR MAMAS GLOSS PAINT! :) Here are a few things you should know:

-This is a WATER BASED paint so clean up is a breeze.
- Extended open time allows flow and leveling for a ultra smooth finish
- Lacquer like finish that up until now was only available in spray paint. 
- Durable, hard finish that is highly resistant to household cleaning chemicals. 
-Available in 20 different colors and can be purchased as Michaels, Home Depot, JoAnns and Meijer.

When working with Gloss Paint, dust can be your worst enemy!  So you know how I roll...I whipped out my trusty leaf blower and went to work.

I did not even sand the tables because I really wanted to put this paint to the test.  I measured a few inches up the legs and put some tape on so I could give these babies a modern dipped leg finish.

This is when I got nervous.  I have typically not had success with glossy paint and feel like I always get drips and brush strokes, but Americana Decor Gloss Maxx is developed with an extended open drying time that allows optimum flow and leveling for a smooth finish.  I made sure to paint SEVERAL THIN coats and allowed to completely dry between coats.

This is after the first coat.  Don't be alarmed with the first coat.  It will look streaky at first, but will start covering better on the next coat.

And here they are...beautiful, glass like finish.

Be sure to let your paint cure for 14 days.  This will ensure a durable finish.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The shop is OPEN!

Come visit us at our new location!
Upstairs in The White Brick House - A Vintage Marketplace
1197 Ashwood Park Road - Forest, Va 24551
Tuesday 11-6
Wed thru Friday 11-5
Saturday 11-4

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Painting Furniture with Deco Art Chalky Finish Paint

I thought I would share a little peek at the process of painting this gray desk using Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint available at Michales and Home Depot.

This is what we started with.  A nice mid century desk set with all the original hardware.  SCORE! 

The Chalky Finish Paint does not require sanding or prep work.  You can just start painting and It will stick to just about any surface like a dream.  But I still like to sand my pieces before I paint.  I feel like it just gives a more smooth and professional finish.  After I sand, I may or may not have blown all of the dust off with my leaf blower. Don't judge, it is really effective and your neighbors think you are crazy.

I decided to use the color RELIC because you know how I love a good gray.  I added a little water to the paint in a bowl and stirred well.  This is not really required or necessary, but I really like my paint to be thinner.  I feel like it helps the paint go on more even and smooth.  Just a personal preference. The first coat covered really well and I only had to go back and touch up some little areas I missed with a second coat.

The Chalky Finish Paint dries very quickly, which means you can transform your furniture in no time.  Once it was dry, I lightly sanded the entire piece with an extra fine sanding sponge, adding a little distressing on the edges as I went along.  

After I was done sanding, I was loving how everything looked and especially liked the distressed matte look it had taken on.  The problem was I needed a top coat, but did not want to change the appearance of the paint.  So many times waxes or top coats can deepen, darken or add a sheen to a piece, which is good in some cases, but I wanted this piece to stay just as it was...

Enter my new favorite top coat - ULTRA MATTE VARNISH!  I love this stuff.  It provided a top coat finish to the paint, but did not change the look or feel.  There was absolutely no sheen or darkening of the original paint color after I applied it, which is EXACTLY what I wanted.  I simply applied 2 thin coats with a bristle brush.

Here is a close up of that beautiful Matte finish.

      And if you end up trying Deco Art Chalky Finish Paint for yourself, be sure to submit pictures of your second chance piece for the contest with some pretty awesome prizes - DETAILS HERE

Thursday, January 1, 2015

DIY Paper Fans

Without a doubt, the most asked questions for Funky Junk in 2014 were about the paper fans I used in so many of my furniture staging photos.  Every time I posted pictures of furniture, I would get comments and messages about where I got the fans and how I hang them on the wall.  I realize there are tutorials on how to make these all over blog land, but I thought I would go ahead and share the details for mine here.

Paper fans are such an inexpensive way to decorate blank spaces and so easy to change out.  So lets start with the details for the paper.  I find that the lightweight paper is much easier to work with than the thicker card stock.  I also like to just buy a big paper ack since they are already coordinated with colors and patterns.  

This is the pack I got at Michaels. 
Recollections - The Sweetest Thing

 To make a large fan, start with 3 sheets of matching 12x12 paper.  
Take one sheet and fold one side down a little less than a inch.

Continue to accordion fold the paper until you get to the end and it looks like this.

Pinch the folded paper in the center and fold it in half.

Put a piece of double sided tape or hot glue where the 2 folds meet.  I like to use hot glue and clots pins to hold it in place while the glue cools.

Repeat the sakes steps with the other 2 pieces of paper and you will have 3 wedges.

Use glue or tape to secure the wedges where they meet each other and you have now made a paper fan!

To make different size fans, just cut your 12 x12 paper a little shorter.

The small fans only need 2 wedges instead of 3. 

 Hot glue some of the smaller ones on top of the larger ones for a layered look.

I like to attach my fans to the wall with this removable poster putty.  I move mine around alot and this makes it super simple without damaging my walls.

I wanted to do a little giveaway so you can make a set of your own.  I just fell in love with this paper pack, the colors and designs are so fun.  Just leave a comment here on the blog post letting me know what kind of projects you would like to see from Funky Junk in 2015 to be entered to win this fun paper pack.  This will ship to the lucky winner anywhere in the US.  Giveaway closed January 5th.