Thursday, November 19, 2015

Americana Decor MAXX GLOSS

My sister is in the middle up updating her sons room to a big boy-video game themed decor. I had promised her I would help her find and repurpose a set of night stands.  It ended up being a little harder than we thought to find a matching pair with clean and modern lines.  But we finally found this perfect set!  

About the same time we found the night stands, I received a fun little package in the mail from Deco Art.  I was thrilled they wanted me to give their new Americana Decor Maxx Gloss paint a try, but was also a little nervous since I do not typically work with gloss paints.  Let me stop here and say that THIS IS NOT YOUR MAMAS GLOSS PAINT! :) Here are a few things you should know:

-This is a WATER BASED paint so clean up is a breeze.
- Extended open time allows flow and leveling for a ultra smooth finish
- Lacquer like finish that up until now was only available in spray paint. 
- Durable, hard finish that is highly resistant to household cleaning chemicals. 
-Available in 20 different colors and can be purchased as Michaels, Home Depot, JoAnns and Meijer.

When working with Gloss Paint, dust can be your worst enemy!  So you know how I roll...I whipped out my trusty leaf blower and went to work.

I did not even sand the tables because I really wanted to put this paint to the test.  I measured a few inches up the legs and put some tape on so I could give these babies a modern dipped leg finish.

This is when I got nervous.  I have typically not had success with glossy paint and feel like I always get drips and brush strokes, but Americana Decor Gloss Maxx is developed with an extended open drying time that allows optimum flow and leveling for a smooth finish.  I made sure to paint SEVERAL THIN coats and allowed to completely dry between coats.

This is after the first coat.  Don't be alarmed with the first coat.  It will look streaky at first, but will start covering better on the next coat.

And here they are...beautiful, glass like finish.

Be sure to let your paint cure for 14 days.  This will ensure a durable finish.